Integra Software Systems experiencing record growth in 2019 with New Customer Sales increasing over 300% in the first three quarters of 2019 over 2018 with the EPIC LOS.

Franklin, TN, October 28, 2019 – With sales at an all-time high, Integra’s approach to the market “Any Loan, Anywhere” is filling a void in the market.  Having a LOS that has the capability to perform any loan type in the US financial industry seems to be what lenders are looking for.

“Integra has the ideal platform for financial lending institutions, with our true 3-in-1 system,” said Michael Picker, SVP of Sales and Marketing for Integra.  “Financial institutions have been looking for a LOS that is robust and operationally efficient for mortgage, consumer, and commercial lending.  Also, mortgage only lenders struggle with their current LOS when it comes to non-secondary market loans such as HELOC, construction, or other portfolio loans and different channels of lending such as wholesale and correspondent lending.”

“Integra customers tend to be leaner shops and looking for an edge to increase margins and productivity. This is important in two ways. One, having to implement and maintain two or three different systems, like many lenders in the market do today to offer different channels of lending to their clients, can be condensed into one system with EPIC LOS. Second, having the ability to offer a wider variety of products, that allow for increased revenue, has not been an option for many lenders because the technology investment in multiple systems is substantial. With over 20 years of innovation Integra’s web-based LOS is changing the landscape for lenders and a new approach to the market.”

About Integra:

Established in 1996 and headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, INTEGRA Software offers a powerful, web-based loan origination solution, EPIC, to address challenges within Mortgage, Consumer, and Commercial Lending for retail, wholesale and correspondent lenders. EPIC spans point-of-sale to post-closing and secondary market for lenders interested in efficiencies gained by automating every step of the mortgage loan workflow. For more information about INTEGRA Software Contact:  (877) 253-7779, [email protected] or by visiting