System Integrations

System Integrations

The Future of Lending Technology

Integra’s LOS software offers a wide range of features that help to streamline the lending process like never before. The Integra team has worked to create a product that covers Mortgage, Consumer, and Commercial lending all in one. And having a brilliant, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install product is not our only company value. We have worked to create close & communicative relationships with each of our clients through our client support advocate program. Integra truly views each of our clients as part of our community and we are excited to welcome you today! 


Welcome to the Integra Plug and Play Community.

Integra’s single focus is Loan Origination Technology. While the majority of lending technology providers spread themselves thin by over-committing to projects, Integra specializes strictly in end-to-end LOS technology.

This focus has led to Integra’s signature “Plug ’n Play“ capability. Meaning our LOS offer seamless integration into an ever expanding list of systems. Integrations for your lending needs include standard integrations for credit, flood, MI, etc; as well as an advanced API that allows integration to new, innovative technologies in the industry.

Integra’s “Best of Breed” approach allows lenders to pick & choose the optimal third-party systems and services necessary to support their unique operations. 


Integra LOS offers seamless integration to categories including:





core systems





NexGen POS

and more