EPIC Wholesale is a private labeled, fully secure comprehensive web solution for wholesale lenders. TPO functionality includes the ability to register and lock loans online and receive immediate confirmation for the lender. TPO’s receive decisions from DU or LP in minutes which include DU or LP findings as well as lender specific conditions. Lender’s secondary staff received immediate notification of locks and registrations. What’s also unique the TPO portal and the LOS are one system/one database. Thus, no integration issues and all data points move back and forth in real time. EPIC wholesale supports operations with thousands of users and advanced branch/institution setup. Entire lending operation and TPO’s are maintained in one system admin.

  • TPO Portal
  • Product and Pricing Engine
  • One System One Database
  • Dashboard Analysis
  • Processing through Funding
  • Robust Imaging
  • Reporting
  • Data Analytics
  • Secondary Automation