Covid-19 Update

An update from Integra SVP Michael Picker on Our Response to COVID-19 to our clients and partners.

As the impact of COVID-19 evolves, we face something many of us have not seen in our lifetimes.  This is an update on how we are addressing the situation.  Integra’s top priority is to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, and communities.

During this time, the Integra Team is at full capacity and we are working to do our part.  We are 100% committed to serving our clients with excellence and are constantly taking actions to provide our solutions and services without interruption.

We have an amazing team here to support you.  For all employees, we have implemented a work-from-home policy.  Our incredible and very dedicated IT Team, along with investments in digitalization, helped us to smoothly shift to a 100% remote working environment.

This period of our lives reminds us that all of us are connected in ways like never before.  We’re called upon to be caring, patient, understanding, and compassionate.  On behalf of the team here at Integra, we are 100% committed to a strong and bright future.

Going forward, we will keep you updated, and any questions or feedback are always welcome.  To those that have anyone in your life having health challenges with the COVID-19, we extend our sincere wishes for a full recovery.  To our clients and partners keeping society moving forward, you have the full admiration of the Integra Team.

Michael Picker